Vibrant Gujarat

Vibrant Gujarat – Fuelling Growth Engine

Western Region has been dominating market of Optical Trade with more than 36% revenue share in Indian Eyewear Industry, Gujarat being one of the most developed and most flourished state in India contributes a lot in above share.

Gujarat has highest number of Manufacturing units of Spectacle Frames and in totality they manufacture more than 75,000 pieces of frame on daily basis which is being marketed all over India.

Gujarat also cater to the need of Ophthalmic Equipment and Machinery which is must for any retail outlet, thus has a great growth opportunity.

Incidentally Gujarat is the fastest growing state in India contributing about 11% GDP of INDIA. Further a study shows that Rural region and smaller towns of Gujarat contribute to more than 35% of Eyewear Industry Sales of the State.

High-end branded eyewear market is largely dependent on imports and accounts for about 30 per cent of the Rs.2,200 crore sunglasses market.